The Fiercely Awakening Podcast

Episode 10: Discovering Your True Self & Your Purpose + Letting the Universe Support You — How Big Do You Trust?

July 10, 2020

You are such a miracle on this earth, in this moment, right now.

And in the midst of uncertainty, the answer isn’t to work with MORE uncertainty or wishy-washy energy but to work with decisive energy... to have conviction in your obligation to MEET the real you and follow those soul-aligned bread crumbs to uncover your purpose. 

The more you listen to your ego, the stronger its commands become — not only for you, but collectively. In this episode, Tonya takes you on a journey to assess where you are in life right now, how big you’re trusting, and how to take that next step out of your comfort zone.

(Plus, she shares with you the very WORST thing that could happen IF you take the big leap, trusting that soul calling, and it doesn’t go as expected.)

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The work we do in the Untethered Sistermind is so powerful... we go deep in bringing understanding of how the subconscious mind operates, why people really self-sabotage, and how to shift this part of your mind to have quantum leaps forward in manifesting your true Desires.

This incredible container of high-vibing women is nearly full! And if you’ve already applied and are on Tonya's calendar for a discovery call, know that she absolutely can’t wait to talk to you to see if this opportunity is in true alignment for your highest good.

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