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Episode 16: Three Main Ways Your Immune System Rids Harmful Things + More on Parasites

August 28, 2020

Why have we been trained to be so afraid of our bodies' communication systems?

The only way your body knows how to talk to you is through something going on as a symptom! And the main symptoms that indicate a need to rid toxicity are often the first ones that we typically attempt to turn off.

In this episode, I start off with a little mini-rant about what’s happening in the world right now, then I dive deeper into the many ways that we can easily become infected by parasites.

Did you know that microscopic parasite eggs can live under fingernails for two months?

You, my friend, are NOT too good for parasites.

They're a real health issue, and 90 percent of the population (or more) are infected.

More than EVER before, now is the time to feel EMPOWERED to know how to raise your vibration, support your body’s self-healing mechanism, rid parasites (and other harmful toxins) and become resilient to the technology and real toxicity coming our way.


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What's your parasite story?

Have parasites been at play in your life or do you suspect they may be? I'd love to hear more about it! Join my private Facebook group Love Yourself Fiercely and let's continue the conversation!


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