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Episode 22: Your Dog’s Health Depends on YOU More than Ever

November 13, 2020

Is your dog trying to tell you that something is off? Are you listening?

Just 50 years ago, 1 in 100 dogs got cancer. This year, 1 in 1.65 dogs​ will be diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is currently the leading cause of death in dogs (excluding euthanasia by humans for various reasons). Skin disease is the leading reason for elected euthanasia and why people often surrender dogs to shelters.

These dogs are literally living with debilitating chronic dis-ease their entire lives and — much worse — they're living in the torment of their own skin.

As with humans, chronic dis-ease for dogs is really a state of imbalance. And it begins with symptoms… UTIs, diarrhea, itchiness, ear infections, yeast overgrowth and anal gland issues are all an effort to say, “Hey, I’m out of balance!”

When we simply “treat” or suppress the symptoms with drugs, the issues don’t go away. In fact, this only pushes them deeper down in the tissues and creates a much bigger problem for the dog in the future.

Except for in the case of true emergency, when your dog communicates with you by showing a symptom, always seek ways to help your dog heal using natural modalities.

The pet health crisis is real. Our pets can’t protect themselves — so it’s up to us to help them achieve balance in a toxic world. And it’s time for us to include our four-legged loved ones on our quest to living a more nourished life.

In this episode, let’s take a look at some ways to get your dog started on the journey to real preventative care and root-cause healing. Afterward, head over to my Facebook group, Love Yourself Fiercely, and let's continue the conversation.


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