The Fiercely Awakening Podcast

Episode 7: This is a story that will wake you up.

June 19, 2020

If you know Tonya, you know how much she loves transformation stories.

Most often, she gets to start with a client when that woman is in the mud, the weeds, the shit storm. When she feels like everything is falling apart or that chaos is a cape that she can’t take off or escape from.

Her client may be experiencing a marriage that’s “failing,”

loss of any kind,

stress and trauma from sickness — either hers or a loved one’s,

a work environment she despises,

not knowing who she is or what she’s here for…

Or a combination of them all, compounded by world events and the opinions of others.

Can you feel the heaviness of that mud?


In their work together, Tonya and her client will begin by accepting that the mud is there, and they take control of the narrative by claiming 100% responsibility. That’s always the step that happens before any of the real work and the real magic can unfold. 

It’s an epic joy ride from there. Because even while in the mud, they can now start to see how this mud is exactly the medicine she not only needs but that she called in.

As she moves through the mud, she starts to find her beauty, her power and, above all, she meets her true DESIRES.

She starts to see that as she heals and harmonizes her inner being she’s met with harmony from her outside world. The pattern of chaos stops. Her relationships immensely improve. Her passion for full-body living is activated, and she shows up to life knowing that life is wanting to show up right back for her.


In this episode, Tonya sits down with a sister from the 2019 Untethered Sistermind to share her story of UNBELIEVABLE transformation.

Her story will wake you to possibilities that exist for you, too.

It will absolutely be medicine for your soul.



P.S. It’s time to live an awakened life. You are worth it.

If you’ve been longing for a container to help you do this, a powerful guide to help you unfold along the way, and the most powerful sisterhood of your life to lift you up into your greatness, join, sister.

Apply for the 2020 Untethered Sistermind today.

Tonya knows and trusts that there are 11 women in her community who are ready right NOW for this work. Your first step is to fill out the application and then set up a time to talk with her to determine if this is truly your next step.

Each YES is a sacred YES that calls in the next YES. And each YES brings beautiful medicine to the collective.

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