The Fiercely Awakening Podcast

Episode 9: Radical Acceptance: Why the Sooner You Accept What Is, the Sooner You Allow for More Choice (and Get What You Want!)

July 3, 2020

Your subconscious mind is running programs that are a million times more powerful than the processing abilities of your conscious mind.

Subconscious programming IS our default way of showing up in the world.

In this episode, Tonya dives into why our habits, practices and ways of being are created by our brains to help keep us safe.

Step one is to realize that every block is meant to SERVE you. On a human level, there’s always, always a really good reason why we don’t have what we want… Realizing this is a key to releasing our grip and Radically accepting what IS.

Listen now to learn more about why the sooner we accept WHAT IS, the sooner we can allow for more CHOICE.

Tonya challenges you to consider: What resistance loop are you dealing with right now? Or, in other words, what do you need to get curious about or radically accept in order to stop the pattern? Share with her in our private group Love Yourself Fiercely.



The work we do in the Untethered Sistermind is so powerful... we go deep in bringing understanding of how the subconscious mind operates, why people really self-sabotage, and how to shift this part of your mind to have quantum leaps forward in manifesting your true Desires.

We already have 5 SOUL YESSES to this incredible container of high-vibing women! And if you’ve already applied and are on Tonya's calendar for a discovery call, know that she absolutely can’t wait to talk to you to see if this opportunity is in true alignment for your highest good. And if you haven’t applied yet, but are feeling the nudge, this is your last chance to do so!

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