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Episode 53: A Really Big Conversation with Jillian Bashi on Fertility and Her Incredible Cleansing Wins

Episode 53: A Really Big Conversation with Jillian Bashi on Fertility and Her Incredible Cleansing Wins

July 22, 2022

Jillian Bashi recently made a post on my personal Facebook page encouraging any woman struggling with fertility issues to join my Cleansing Circle

She wrote, “It took me seven years to have a healthy baby girl, and now she’s here and so healthy.” And instantly while reading it, I thought, WE must tell her story! 

There’s never ever been a greater time to be tuned into our health and to protect the purity of our genetics and fertility. If you struggle with fertility or know someone who does, this conversation will not only fill you with hope — it will also shine light on the path that’s available for you to walk to harmonize your body.


Join us in this episode as we talk about:

  • 03:06 — How Jillian came to know me, starting with a Facebook ad, at the end of 2020. She had no idea who I was, but she’s very in tune with her intuition and felt that there was something here for her.

  • 04:21 — Jillian’s experience and journey with naturopathy, beginning when she was a teenager. How connecting with me and coming into my programs anchored her back onto that track.

  • 06:43 — How her first year in Fiercely Empowered Mama was exactly what she needed. How she felt so at home in the FEM community, learned new things and experienced so much support.

  • 07:56 — Her experience saying yes to the Cleansing Circle. Jillian remembers thinking, “I want it all! I’m signing up right away!”

  • 08:25 — Jillian’s first Master Cleanse at age 19 before she met me, her initial resistance and her feelings around the mindset of commitment when it comes to doing a cleanse. In the Cleansing Circle, there’s a calibration of ease and flow that Jillian modeled. She was fierce in her commitment, in the energy of “a full-body, chills, activated, step-into-my-power detox.”

  • 13:09 — All of the support she received from the Cleansing Circle program and how she had the tools she needed.

  • 15:07 — How environmental toxins, like glyphosate, are at play in our world, and the ways they impact our minerals. How Jillian targeted this in her cleanse.

  • 18:00 — Male fertility and low sperm count rates. 

  • 19:33 — The post-cleanse high and glow Jillian felt, and how she held her wellness, balance and that feeling of thriving in life... And then she found out she was pregnant. 

  • 21:54 — Jillian’s fertility story — how she’s been pregnant five times, her devastating miscarriage at 21 weeks, the ways she worked on her hormones to have her first baby, and the ease with which she got pregnant and had a really healthy second child after her cleanse. 

  • 26:44 — How, at the end of the day, all things — including fertility — come down to removing obstacles and changing the way we’re becoming more fully mineralized. Jillian’s story of a healthier, easier pregnancy after just 10 days of cleansing is common among women in the Cleansing Circle. 

  • 28:59 — Her previous fear of being pregnant only to miscarry, and the ways she healed that trauma. The sense she had that her pregnancy with her daughter was going to be fine. Her peaceful, natural water birth at a birthing center. How alert her daughter was when she was born, how different of an experience Jillian’s second pregnancy was after detoxing, and how her daughter has so many fewer sensitivities. 

  • 33:26 — What Jillian wishes she had known previously, the ways she wants to inspire women in their understanding of how all of the time around a pregnancy matters, and the gratitude she feels for FEM and the Cleansing Circle in helping bring this beautiful soul to the planet.

  • 34:09 — My reflection on my pregnancy, and what it was like witnessing Jillian’s connection, conviction and embodiment of this work during her pregnancy. This is how we change the world!

  • 37:06 — The startling statistic that by 2040, it’s estimated that 50% of babies born in the U.S. will be born with a birth defect. Understanding that we have access to powerful ways to change this story.
  • 37:38 — The ways babies communicate with us and how we tend to label them “good babies” or “not good babies” based on how they sleep or how much they scream and cry. How these things are actually communications of their toxic load and more, and how this relates to preventing the heartache of miscarriage.

  • 41:17 — The cycle of mineral deficiency we're in and how it affects our body's use of vitamins and amino acids. The heightened stress in our world and how it burns through our minerals. How we’re depleted now and from our lineage, and how minerals can help us neutralize toxicity and heal.

  • 42:52 — How a first baby is a mom’s ultimate detox. How we need to think about what our first child is getting from us, as far as toxins and our mineral reserves we give them. And how this depleted state of mineralization affects subsequent children we have, and how Jillian relates this to postpartum depression.

  • 44:57 — How Jillian so beautifully models with her daughter how she’s integrated her work into her life and her purpose. How this postpartum time has been so different for her this time around and how she’s honored that space.

  • 48:32 — Choosing to live in a paradigm where we value our bodies as much as our hearts, especially now when time feels like it’s on hyper speed.

  • 50:41 — Why Jillian recommends accessing the support of the Cleansing Circle, where you get the community and the guidance of someone skilled and licensed to lead you in how to do this work. How I created the Cleansing Circle specifically so women can successfully complete a cleanse and decrease their toxic overload. How this community and support can enable you to experience the momentum, completion and gratification of keeping your channels open, going deeper with the work, eating in a way that’s super nourishing, and more.

  • 53:44 — The big project I have in the works to upgrade the Cleansing Circle, the rebrand the program is going through, and the ways Jillian appreciates all of the consistent up-leveling we do in FEM and the Cleansing Circle.

  • 55:31 — How you can find Jillian. Her work is gold! Her private Facebook group has over 60 free trainings available. She embodies and brings all of her spiritual gifts, and she honors her essence to help spiritual entrepreneurs and healers heal themselves and connect with their soul’s purpose. It’s so in her soul to show up big for people who also serve.

  • 58:57 — The ripple effect of healing your body, owning and honoring your path, pulling back the veil and stepping into your purpose.



About Jillian

Jillian Bashi is a licensed psychotherapist (LMSW) and intuitive healer guiding Soul-led entrepreneurs and healers on a healing journey to their inner guidance, wisdom and innate power. She is on her second year of being a Fiercely Empowered Mama.

Learn more about Jillian's offerings on her business website and join her private Facebook group Purpose Driven Intuitive Women


Feeling the pull to join the Cleansing Circle?

You can learn more and join us by following this link.


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Episode 52: Better Feeling Thoughts

Episode 52: Better Feeling Thoughts

July 15, 2022

If you’ve been hanging out with me for a bit now, you’ve likely heard me talk about the power of your thoughts.

Maybe you can’t fully understand {yet} how your thoughts become things, but surely you can relate to how your thoughts can either make you feel good or feel bad.

Your thoughts can instantly expand you with faith or send you in a spiral of doubt. 

One of the key ingredients to feeling better is having better feeling thoughts. That’s what today’s podcast is all about. 

Plus, I leave you with some really amazing questions that I’ve been using to keep the good vibes flowing. 

As always, let me know how this conversation lands and resonates.


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Episode 51: Is Healing Your Fascia Your Next Health Upgrade?

Episode 51: Is Healing Your Fascia Your Next Health Upgrade?

July 1, 2022

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with Jennifer Feldman about the fascial system, what it is and why it's SO important. Facia is our structure, our essence, everything that makes us, us. There's so much beauty and power in healing it. 

You will learn SO much from this one episode. I can guarantee you will have an ah-ha that could very well be the breadcrumb for your next health upgrade. 

Our bodies reflect our lives. And there’s a level of health we can have that’s much better than having no pain.

Join me in this episode to learn more about how this therapy effectively removes restrictions physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 

When we take the power back by working on ourselves in this way, it can shift the outcome of our lives.


Jennifer and I talk about:

  • 3:21 — What the facial system and facial releases are.

  • 6:34 — How this therapy effectively removes restrictions physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically, and how, ideally, we want to be as young as possible in our fascia.

  • 9:14 — What we can learn from watching our pets about using pandiculation to upgrade our fascia.

  • 13:48 — The types of cases Jennifer sees, how she figures out what’s going on and how she works with her patients to problem solve.

  • 17:00 — A whole new way of looking at posture — how it’s not a diligence problem and good posture doesn’t start in the upper body.

  • 20:44 — How trauma is stored in the fascia and plays into aspects of our whole being, and what we can learn from ducks about releasing it.

  • 28:59 — How Jennifer reads the body from a physical plane and draws connections to who her patients are as people, and the emotional releases she sees during their sessions as they heal the energetic body. 

  • 31:47 — Accessing the level of health that’s much better than no pain and how there’s always an upgrade available — getting to a state where you’re living a higher-level life.

  • 35:32 — Being here for the ease and flow, and the almost instant radical upgrade I experienced during my session with Jennifer. How quickly facial sessions can turn into truly pivotal times of expansion.

  • 36:41 — Knowing what you want and having the ability to do it. Fully embodying your life and whatever you desire without anything holding you back. Finding clarity and improving your ability to make decisions by going to your body and getting back into the physical.

  • 38:37 — The ability to feel your body, feel your organs — physical awareness is what we’re going for. 

  • 41:31 — How a woman would benefit from this work in their menstrual cycle and during preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. And Jennifer’s personal experience with this — as a new mom, she’s super passionate about this work for women and their pregnancy journeys.

  • 49:04 — My experience giving birth, Jennifer’s perspective on pelvic flexibility and the potential for incredible birth experiences when we’re tuned in to the body. The importance of the position of the baby in your body.

  • 53:04 — The role facia plays postpartum and the importance of body work in fully completing the delivery — feeling wholeness postpartum.

  • 57:29 — How we can care for our facia, where to get started and all the easy, free things you can do at home starting now. Taking the power back in working on ourselves. The way 5-10 minutes of doing these things every day can shift the outcome of your life.

  • 1:02:55 — Pandiculation and the issues with over-stretching. The power of mindful, contracted beautiful movements.

  • 1:06:22 — Joint mobility and stability and the ways they relate to the parasympathetic nervous system, anxiety and feeling solid in the world.

  • 1:08:58 — How to connect and work with Jennifer — if you’re not local to Grand Rapids, she does work virtually and can also recommend a practitioner in your area.


About Jennifer

Jennifer is a myofascial release practitioner, therapeutic bodyworker, and owner of Limitless Movement in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a professional classical musician, she had an injury that led her to seek out a way to heal herself. She sought out masters around the country and spent the next ten years studying various types of bodywork, psychology, and movement therapy modalities. After over a decade of study and practice, Jennifer now works with others to help them find freedom in their own bodies and minds. Her practice is a combination of myofascial release, physical therapy, Chinese medicine, and personality development. Jennifer is also trained in Coaching Psychology and integrates those methods into her emotional release work with clients. 

Learn more here on her website, Limitless Movement.


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Episode 50: The Cost of Inconsistency

Episode 50: The Cost of Inconsistency

June 24, 2022

There’s a cost when you say YES but mean NO.

There’s a cost when you do the thing you don’t want to do. 

There’s a cost when you don’t do the things that you know you should — like drink your water. :)

There’s a cost when you don’t forgive.

There’s a cost when you say you’re fine, but you’re really not.

There’s a cost when you go to the job you hate or stay in the career that’s not for you.

These are the costs of inconsistency — or being out of alignment…and they absolutely add up.


In today's episode, I invite you to do an alignment check and see where these costs of inconsistency are adding up in your life and how they manifest.


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Episode 49: Intentions

Episode 49: Intentions

June 17, 2022

Next week, I start my cleanse. And in today’s podcast, I share with you my personal intentions for it.

It’s big! And I’m so excited! 

I truly believe that, now more than ever, we’re being invited to take extraordinary care of our bodies... and cleansing is part of that process.

If you’re curious about what cleansing has to offer you — your body, your mind — listen in.

And if you're feeling the pull to join me in the Cleansing Circle, you can learn more about it right here.


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Episode 48: A Beautiful Pep Talk on Feeling Amazing

Episode 48: A Beautiful Pep Talk on Feeling Amazing

June 10, 2022

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Amy, one of my Cleansing Circle members. I loved our conversation so much that I wanted it to live forever here on the Fiercely Awakening podcast.

Amy's story is a beautiful offering about this walk that I so passionately speak to.

Whether you’re walking on the path with me already or you're curious about joining the Cleansing Circle, this conversation will be a beautiful pep talk about what’s possible.

Hear how Amy has decreased her joint pain, become more resilient to her allergies AND lowered her blood pressure through cleansing.🤩

You can watch the video of this incredible conversation by following this link to my Facebook page.


Amy and I talk about:

  • What the Cleansing Circle is.

  • Amy’s background: dealing with allergies, stress and high blood pressure.

  • How she found me.

  • Her first cleanse.

  • Her WINS & shifts with blood pressure, joint pain and allergies.

  • What Amy does to support her drainage pathways.

  • This past cleanse.

  • Feeling more calm, working through stress and releasing emotions.


I’m personally starting my cleanse in June, and I'd love to have you upgrade your body systems AND MORE alongside of me! 

Follow this link to learn more and join us in the Cleansing Circle!


Episode 47: Momentum

Episode 47: Momentum

May 27, 2022

Do you find yourself feeling that when it comes to making strides with your health or self-care, it’s like you’re taking two steps forward and two steps back?

If so, let’s talk. 

There’s a reason I experience massive momentum — and why so many self-care routines now feel “effortless” to me.

Join me in this episode for a conversation that offers an easy perception switch that could change everything for you. 

It’s not about starting over. It’s about how you calibrate.


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Episode 46: This or Better

Episode 46: This or Better

May 20, 2022

One of the energetic standards for my life is: "It’s either going to be THIS or BETTER."

I have full-on trust that if something isn't working out, it's simply because there's something better for me…

And the BETTER that comes always — always — leaves me in awe.

In today’s podcast, I walk you through recent examples of how I apply this energetic standard to my life. I also share with you WHY it works and how you can apply it to your life, too.

If you’re someone who tends to “worry” a lot about things working out or if you have a tendency to worry about people you care about, you’ll want to listen in!


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Episode 45: Vulnerability Hangovers

Episode 45: Vulnerability Hangovers

May 12, 2022

Have you ever taken an emotional risk and then instantly wished you could take it back?

In today’s episode, I share with you what I believe it means to have a vulnerability hangover, how I work through mine time and time again, AND why I believe they're an absolutely essential part of being on the path to creating your dream life.


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Episode 44: Hello, 2022.

Episode 44: Hello, 2022.

May 3, 2022


I’m back, and I have so much to fill you in on! 

Listen in to this episode of Fiercely Awakening as I share with you the details behind why I had to take a podcasting pause, the hard lessons of 2021 and, MOST importantly, what I have planned for 2022. 

It’s bigger than ever. 


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